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Does Laser Hair Removal actually work?

The answer may surprise you. No.

Laser Hair Removal doesn’t actually exist. Laser Hair Reduction however is the #1 aesthetic treatment in the world. Laser Hair Reduction works by using a laser (light) to target the melanin (pigment) in the hair follicle. Once it hits the target, the laser (light) will turn into heat and damage or destroy the hair follicle, preventing the hair from growing. Let’s all celebrate for permanent Laser Hair Reduction (LHR)!

Simple enough… one treatment and no more hair. WRONG AGAIN!


How Laser Hair Reduction Works

The US Food and Drug Administration approved the term “Laser Hair Reduction” 20 years ago, which is defined as:

“The long-term, stable reduction in the number of hairs regrowing after a treatment regime…Permanent hair reduction does not necessarily imply the elimination of all hairs in the treatment area.”

Hair grows in a cycle of three different phases : anagen – active growth phase, catagen – transitional phase, and telogen – resting phase. Only the hairs that are are in the active anagen growth phase on the day of your treatment will be affected. ​ Not all hair can be targeted during one LHR treatment, simply because not all the hairs will be growing at any one given time.

In addition, the area you are treating will also determine the growth cycle. Hair grows at different rates, depending on the area of the body being treated. Hair on the face has a shorter growth cycle (usually 4-6 weeks) versus other body areas like legs, or back which can take 12-16 weeks (or longer) to complete one growth cycle.

Hair follicles are precisely targeted and destroyed using the revolutionary elōs combination of bipolar radio frequency and laser energies.

Are You a Candidate

Remember, LHR is the #1 non-invasive aesthetic treatment in the entire world. It can be done on almost any area of the body including upper lip, bikini, underarm, legs and back as the top 5 requested areas. So everyone must be doing it, right? Although who wouldn’t love permanent hair reduction, there are some limitations. Hair color and skin type influence the success of LHR results. Treatments are most effective for ideal candidates who have light skin and dark hair because the laser beam can easily “see” the pigment (melanin) in the hair. However, advances in technology have made laser hair reduction an option for people who have darker skin. LHR isn't generally effective for white, gray, red or blond hair because again, the laser cannot "see" the lighter hair.

Laser Hair Reduction can safely treat unwanted hair for both men and women. However, as with most other laser treatments, photo-sensitivity is a concern. In addition to medications and other medical history, sun exposure immediately before, during or after your laser treatments can actually cause permanent damage, not to the hair follicle, but to the skin. This damage could result in 2nd or even 3rd degree burns, which could end in permanent scars or discoloration like hyperpigmentation (dark spots) or hypopigmentation (white spots). Therefore treatments are not usually advised during summer months or at anytime that you are expected to have prolonged sun exposure.

Removal vs. Reduction Results

Following your Laser Hair Reduction treatments, it is possible for “new hairs” to grow. These “new hairs” are currently dormant under the skin, and can be triggered to grow due for various reasons: the natural aging process, hormones and medications, to name a few. Some hair could be resistant to the laser treatment or grow again after treatment — although the new hair growth might be finer and lighter in color. A realistic expectation for an ideal LHR candidate would be to see 80-90% reduction of hair in the treated area. In order to see best results, we recommend a minimum of six laser hair reduction treatments, scheduled 4-16 weeks apart, depending on the growth cycle of the area you are treating. Maintenance treatments may be needed after several months or years, in order to extend the results of the treatment and to target “new hairs” that are actively growing.

Need to learn more?

The team at The Preserve Med Spa in Fort Worth, TX can help to answer all of your laser questions and provide you with a treatment plan that will fit your needs. Contact us to reserve your Complimentary Consultation today at

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