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Microneedling: What, How, & Why?

You’ve seen stars posting pictures on their social media, raving about Microneedling! What is Microneedling exactly? Well just like the name suggests, this procedure uses 12 micro needles at the tip of a hand-held device. These tiny needles are adjusted by your medical aesthetician to penetrate and create micro channels which stimulates collagen production. Your body treats these micro channels as a controlled injury while simultaneously signaling fibroblasts to create collagen and in turn, thickening the skin. Similar to aerating your lawn, once aerated, your lawn grows in thicker-stronger, and looks amazing.

Microneedling helps with scarring, smoothing out texture, unclogging pores, and of course is an amazing anti-aging treatment for those who have fine lines and are working to prevent further aging.

Going one step further with this procedure would be the addition of PRP to your Microneedling treatment. What is PRP? PRP is Platelet Rich Plasma.

Prior to your treatment, your blood is drawn and then separated by a centrifuge. The white blood cells are then removed and used as a serum on your face while your procedure is taking place. This added procedure, does wonders to the benefits of your Microneedling treatment by introducing safe growth factors derived from your own blood. Growth factors replenish your natural formation of collagen and elastin to provide more youthful skin. Here at The Preserve MedSpa & Wellness we are all about educating our patients so they can stay looking and feeling their best! Call today to book your appointment!

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