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Best Vitamins For Skin Health and Why??

Vitamin A (AKA Retin-A/Retinol) produces cell turnover, speeds up production of collagen, rejuvenates skin cells, lightens dark spots, eliminates fine lines & wrinkles, has antiseptic properties that regulate sebaceous glands, retains moisture, & reduces acne.

Vitamin B1 is a powerful antioxidant, protects your body from signs of aging and sensitivities.

Vitamin B2 helps with secretion of mucus that keeps skin moist, prevents eczema & dermatitis.

Vitamin B3 improves the ability of the epidermis to retain moisture & reduce fine lines.

Vitamin B5 stabilizes skin barrier function , keeps skin moist, heels and regenerates skin, minimizes acne, but most effective when combined with Vitamin C

Vitamin B6 helps to prevent excess sebum and treat acne, especially with premenstrual acne.

Vitamin B9 (AKA Folic Acid) is excellent with fighting against acne and helps hydrate.

Vitamin B12 helps to regulate skin pigment production, preventing hyperpigmentation.

Vitamin C has major antioxidants, neutralizes free radicals, reverses DNA damage, additional protection against the sun, helps generate collagen production, brightens & hydrates, evens out skin tones, heals damaged skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, & firms skin. Do NOT use topical Vitamin C & A at the same time. Use C in the AM, and use A in the PM.

Vitamin D contributes to skin cell growth, repair and metabolism, it helps destroy free radicals, prevents thinning and sagging skin, and keeps skin from losing moisture.

Vitamin E has antioxidants, protects from sun damage, helps with healing, and hydrates the skin.

Vitamin H helps to hydrate, moisturize, & aids with skin cell renewal process when combined with other Vitamin Bs.

Vitamin K reduces dark spots & dark circles under eyes, helps heal wounds & bruises, prevents swelling of the skin, reduces inflammation & acne.

Zinc has been shown to alleviate acne, especially hormonal acne.

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