December 19, 2017

Winter brings snowflakes that are unique and beautiful in every way. Falling from the sky to blanket the ground with soft glimmer we can't help but admire, but with that beauty, winter can also reek havoc, especially to your skin.  Spending a little extra time and atte...

November 27, 2017

WRONG. Let us tell you why…

We all know the importance of wearing sunscreen during the summer, when we’re outside at the park, the pool, or the beach. What about during the winter, when it’s cold or even snowing outside? (It doesn’t happen often here in Texas, but what...

Vitamin A (AKA Retin-A/Retinol) produces cell turnover, speeds up production of collagen, rejuvenates skin cells, lightens dark spots, eliminates fine lines & wrinkles, has antiseptic properties that regulate sebaceous glands, retains moisture, & reduces acne.


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